Public Announcement Regarding The Results Of The Voting for Listing Project

Dear Respected Hotbit Users:

We are excited to announce that the first round of Hotbit’s “Voting for Listing” event has consummated successfully. The event has attracted 21,000 users to participate in total. During the event, Hotbit has received 75,000,000 HTB from our users for voting purposes.(The amount of HTB involved for the purpose of voting will be released and returned to all relevant users’ accounts after the event terminates for 5 days) We would like to thank the communities of DYNMT, DAPS, ULTRA, CLOAK, BAZ and ONYX for their great support.

According to the result, DYNMT has become the winner of this round of event. DYNMT was voted by 7,402 users with 37,740,902 HTB. Hotbit is scheduled to list DYNMT within one week. Please stay tuned.

Also, according to the result, DAPS has been voted by 5,569 users with 22,440,456 HTB, and Hotbit is scheduled to list DAPS within 2 weeks. ULTRA has been voted by 3,708 users with 10,710,482 HTB, and Hotbit is scheduled to list ULTRA within one month (the exact time of listing of mainnet tokens except for ERC 20, EOS, TOMO, NEO, XML, BEP2 and TRX tokens will be based on the progress of connection and integration between Hotbit platform and the project itself). For the other two projects in this round of event, namely CLOAK and BAZ, the two projects will enter next round of Hotbit’s “Voting for Listing” event directly.

Hotbit Team

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