Jun 5, 2020

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Hotbit will launch BIP (Minter) on June 8th


Event Duration: 16:00, June 8th, 2020–16:00, June 11th, 2020 (UTC+8)
Rules and Regulations:
1. The user is required to place any single order (both buy and sell orders are acceptable) of any BIP transaction pairs with more than 500 BIP in the order.
2. By placing and settling the above mentioned order, the user will receive 100 BIP as reward (each account may claim the reward only once, the rewards are subject to the availability of 50,000 BIP and are claimed on a first come first claimed basis).
3. The rewards of the event will be distributed within 10 business days after the event terminates.

【HOT Maker】
Hotbit hereby introduces its exclusive “Minus Maker, Minus Transaction Fee” mechanism. By placing and settling any maker orders, the maker pays 0 transaction fee. What’s more, we will offer the maker a further 0.05% worth of the trading volume of the order placed by the maker as rewards!

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