Hotbit supports the upcoming hardfork of GRIN😊

Dear respected user,

Hotbit has completed GRIN 4.0.0 Hardfork Upgrade and GRIN deposit function is available now.

According offiical latest announcement, Grin and Grin wallet 4.0.0 have been released and is ready for general use in advance of Grin’s 3rd Hardfork scheduled to occur on block #786240.

Major changes and enhancements of GRIN 4.0.0


  • New Cuckarooz PoW and header version 4 for latest hardfork.
  • TUI optimizations and overall code improvements
  • Server and backend DB code optimizations and improvements
  • BlockHeader via API now includes all relevant fields (including MMR size)
  • Feature flagged NRD kernel support (enabled in floonet, remains disabled in mainnet)

Further Details:

Hope you enjoy trading on Hotbit!

Hotbit Team

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