Hotbit Game Guild is Coming

In 2021, the Blockchain industry has ridden multiple wild market waves, the GameFi and Metaverse are the most outstanding of that. Unlike highly centralized conventional games where players are unable to earn real income, the players in the blockchain games can contribute to the ecosystem and drive the overall development of the game while playing.

They can also be rewarded by the ecosystem in the meantime. This Blockchain + Game development model paints a very bright future: with the introduction of a brand-new economy mechanism where players can participate in the underlying construction of the game and explore a Metaverse full of imagination.

Hotbit is a world-renowned digital asset trading platform established in Hong Kong in 2018. At present, the business covers more than 210 countries and regions, and the number of registered users worldwide has reached over 3.5 million. CoinGecko’s Trust Score scored HotBit 10 points, ranking among the top 20 in the world. HotBit has established strategic partnerships with hundreds of well-known institutions, including DuckDao, Dao Maker, CoinGecko, Slow Mist, BEOSIN, CryptoRank and many other influential blockchain and cryptocurrency market authoritative brands. HotBit has always been committed to providing users with a more efficient, flexible, stable and secure trading platform, aggregating global high-quality blockchain assets and creating a world-class blockchain asset trading platform.

Hotbit believes that the digital economy will reshape the real world and the Metaverse will open a new chapter for the blockchain games ecosystem. So HotBit has decided to call for a Blockchain Game Guild Alliance which will allow users from all over the world to enjoy “Play to Earn”. In addition, the alliance will create a complete new gamer-led employment model that allows players to play to earn and gain incomes from the game.

What is our advantages:

1. Hotbit has over 3.5 million registered users worldwide and 16 global communities cover 400,000+ crypto investors. The huge user base will be the continuous power of HotBit Game Guild.

2. Hotbit specially opened the “GameFi” section. You can invest in our platform including Axie Infinity, Sanbox, Alien Worlds and other well-known blockchain game projects. What’s more, we maintain close partnerships with many blockchain gaming projects team.

3. Hotbit has invested in NFTs, digital assets and virtual plots of a number of quality blockchain gaming projects, players and guild team can lease assets at a reasonable price and invest in the game to gain more incomes;

4. Hotbit Game Guild members will have opportunity to express their opinions in the decision-making process, build a decentralized autonomous organization together and become owners and leaders of the entire ecosystem.

What we are looking for:

1)For game players who know about blockchain games and have interests: HotBit will help players to get connected as quickly as possible and play blockchain games happily with HotBit to earn significant income;

2)For Established Game Guilds: HotBit will take advantage of our well-informed, good reputation and in-depth partnerships with various crypto capitals in blockchain industry to help the guilds to connect with resources and develop faster.

Hotbit will always be your back-up here. You don’t need to worry about the resources while play-to-earn. This is an excellent time for guilds and players to seize opportunities.

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