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Theme: HOTBIT丨The New Favorite of Global Digital Asset Investors in 2020

💗Guest: Alex — CSO of Hotbit

Segment 1 — Introduction Part

Q1. Alex, could you please introduce Hotbit briefly?

A1. Yes, I know most of our community members are loyal users of Hotbit.

Hotbit, as one of the most famous digital assets exchange platform, was founded in January, 2018 in Hong Kong, China and had gotten the compliance licence from Estonia, USA, Australia and Canada. We have extended our business reach to over 210 countries and regions and gained 1,000,000 registered users around the world. CoinGecko graded Hotbit 10 points in trust scoring which means we have ranked the Top 20 globally.

Q2. We all know Hotbit is booming in overseas markets. Alex, could you please tell us the developing situation in foreign markets?

A2. Alright. I will introduce the developing situation of Hotbit in overseas markets from three aspects.

First, from the perspective of global strategy, we launched HOTBIT Korea in June 10, 2020, which marked a new phase in the global compliance strategy after obtaining the compliance licence of Estonia, USA, Australia and Canada. HOTBIT Global will keep cultivating latest overseas markets, HOTBIT US, HOTBIT RU and HOTBIT India will come in the near future.

Second, in the view of market, Hotbit always takes a closer look of the projects from a global perspective. We keep in step with hot assets and popular sectors. For example, Hotbit launched the following sectors, the hot public block chain sector with Holochain, BU, CKB and KDA, anonymous assets sector with projects Beam, Grin, MWC and UFO, storage sector with projects FIL (Futures and cloud computing power) and MASS, DEFI sector with projects COMP, BAL, TRB and Nest, Polkadot sector with DOT (Futures), PCX and KSM, and mining coin sector with AXE, IMG, HNS and PGO. In this case, our users are able to have the access to invest quality projects at very early stage.

Third, in terms of the proportion of global registered users, Hotbit is favored by overseas users. Similarweb, Russia, USA, India, Indonesia and Ukraine ranked Top 5 in registration among Hotbit global users.

Q3. Recently, Defi has been performing strongly and Hotbit is also doing well. We set up several major parts according to the types of Defi assets, such as Defi, Liquidity Mining, NFT and Y series. Alex, could you please introduce the major aim to do this?

A3. OK. I have to say that Hotbit did really well in the wave of Defi.

We went ahead steadily and surely from following the market to lead it. We launched Y series projects and liquidity mining projects which shows highly wealth-creation effect.

The users certainly gained great profits in the two months and over 200,000 new registered users came with it. The lowest DAU of Hotbit is about 10,000 while the highest over 20,000 and the average is around 15,000. These data proves that Hotbit did excellently work and it has gradually become the new favorite of global digital assets investors.

What’s more, Hotbit is the first platform which classified different kinds of asset into different “sectors”. The set of “sector” can drive the assets of the same kind rose generally under the stimulus of the leading asset, which shows the commonalities of traditional financial and cryptocurrency market. The major aim of “sector” is to provide more friendly services and experiences for our users, helping them to seize every chance of gaining profits.

Q4. We can also see the main net of Filecoin has been launched. This is another hot spot after Defi. Alex, could you please talk about the invest chance of Filecoin?

A4. Of course.

Filecoin, having the most potential to be the certain leading asset with scaled practical value, keeps sharpening our appetite from 2017 till we finally witnessed it come out this year. I believe it can give great confidence to the market.

Hotbit had launched two futures products, FIL6M and FIL12M, before the launch of Filecoin main net. Taking FIL6M as an example, followed with the release of the main net, FIL6M will be unlocked linearly in six months. What’s more, Hotbit worked together with IPFS Union to release the computing power. We think it’s a nice product on the whole.

Certainly, as the main net of Filecoin was launched, Hotbit also launched an investment product with high interest rate.

As for the invest chance of FIL, the high-interest investment could be a good choice. Besides, you can also join in other investments, such as investing in FIL mining, FIL cloud computing power and so on. It varies from person to person, but you have to control risks.

Q5. Recently, we see Hotbit has launched some financial derivatives. Hotbit is always trying to provide diverse products for users. Alex, could you please talk about the plan for future products?

A5. Hotbit has been taking steps to develop the financial derivatives, which aims to diverse the digital assets investments for users. As the renowned digital assets trading platform, we take it for granted to offer more financing products to global users. For example, there are break-even product of POS projects, machine-gun mining pool related with Defi and investment products of FIL.

Hotbit newly added specialized sectors for ETF and Perpetual. We sincerely invite you to have a try on Hotbit and you are all welcome to give us more suggestions. Please stay tuned! Hotbit will announce more new products.

To experience Perpetual, please visit the following website:;

To experience the ETF, please visit the following website:

Segment 2 — Twitter question part

1. What are the security and trust mechanisms that Hotbit has so that new clients decide to grant more liquidity to the platform and thus be able to obtain all the benefits of profits and investment Hotbit offers?

Recently, hacker things, technical loopholes of project and so on have made investors be aware of asset security issues. Actually, assets security has always been the top priority of cryptocurrency trading platform.

As a world-renowned cryptocurrency trading platform, Hotbit implements the same-level multi-module architecture of IT control logic in the financial industry to ensure stable operation of the system; front-end and back-end design, multi-node and multi-module distributed deployment allows horizontal expansion capabilities which could provide more efficient service to more users.

While consolidating our own technical support capabilities, Hotbit has reached a strategic cooperation with the industry’s top audit team, SlowMist Technology and Chengdu LianAn, to monitor potential security issues for Hotbit and provide quickly solutions to protect users’ assets security. Hotbit has maintained an impressive record of zero loss for user due to platform vulnerabilities.

Hotbit exchange security ranks 9th in overseas authoritative institutions’ evaluation, refer to the link:

2. In a survey conducted online, people said they would use a service if the support was super responsive, Now How is your Support when handling issues? How robust are they to provide TRUST, SECURITY, privacy and dedicated services for the end users?

Hotbit supports six languages and provides 7*24 hours online support to ensure quick and high-efficient service for our global users. Users can ask Hotbit support team for help with any questions about transaction, withdrawal or other issues. As a user of Hotbit, there is no need to worry about customer service. Hotbit follows long-term and user-centered vision.

Whenever you meet issues, please contact our support team. They are always here to help you with their professional knowledge.

Besides, you don’t need to worry about your privacy disclosure. There is no KYC on Hotbit. And our support team has experienced professional training, they will not only provide skilled and professional service for users, but also protect users information tightly.

3. Do you have educational resources available on the Hotbit? What educational tools does Hotbit offer beginners? Do you consider that Hotbit is easy to use for beginner traders or is it only focused on advanced traders?

Yes, for new users, it is recommended to check the “FAQ” first to make it easier to use Hotbit. Link:

You are able to find almost all explanations for issues you may meet as a new user. Besides, you could also find many educational videos on Youtube.Thanks for our users and followers, they made great video for Hotbit.

Hotbit is friendly to all users. Everyone can register a Hotbit account without KYC. In the process of using Hotbit, if you have any questions, you can consult Hotbit support team, which is online 7*24 hours to provide customer service for our users.

Segment 3 — Twitter question part

1. With the emerging of DEXs recently, what has Hotbit done to maintain your position among crypto exchanges?

In fact, there is no need to worry about the emerging of DEXs. According to data from CoinGecko, the top 50 cryptocurrency trading platforms are all CEXs, while the hottest and most popular DEX, Uniswap, is only ranked 78th. From this data, it could see that investors still prefer to choose CEX for listing projects. It’s not possible for DEX to replace CEX in the short term. However, we can not deny that DEX is a trend, CEX needs to launch more good and innovative products to attract users, develop and build their own competitiveness.

Currently, Hotbit’s business has covered more than 210 countries and regions, and the number of global registrations has reached 1,000,000. We will continue to provide users around the world with more secure and stable, more diversified service for users.

2. Does Hotbit offer any incentive program such as Farming, Staking, or even Liquidity Mining? If you have it, could you please explain it to us?

Hotbit has launched its exclusive “Minus Maker, Minus Transaction Fee” mechanism. By placing and settling any maker orders, the maker pays 0 transaction fee. What’s more, we will offer the maker a further 0.05% worth of the trading volume of the order placed by the maker as rewards!

Hotbit is known as the cryptocurrency platform that lists the greatest number of token projects worldwide. Besides, Hotbit has provides the most amount of Staking investment products for users. To get more information about investment: All investment products have detailed explanations, making it easier for users to choose their prefer products.

3. How do you think about the Vietnam market, one of the very dynamic crypto markets, you can share more about your strategy and marketing plan to capture the gamble market share and attract more users from Vietnam?

Vietnam market has great potential in crypto industry. I know there are many young Vietnamese start their career in Blockchain. All Vietnamese, especially young Vietnamese that I know, are full of passion for life. Crypto industry is still young and full of opportunities, it needs the energy and passion like Vietnam markets is showing. Hotbit looks to the development global market while taking its step to develop local markets, such as Vietnam market, firstly. Because, the success of global market is relying on local communities and local markets. We sincerely invite all good Vietnam projects to join Hotbit. I believe we will bring both projects and our users unexpected future.


-- is one of the professional digital asset exchange platforms that provide trading services among major digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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HOTBIT is one of the professional digital asset exchange platforms that provide trading services among major digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.