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Crypton (CRP) is the monetary unit and digital currency of the Utopia P2P ecosystem.


💗 Host: Cyrus

💗 Guest: Francesca Shulman;Marketing Partner of Utopia ecosystem (Cryptohill agency)

Cyrus: Hello, Welcome to Hotbit Global Community! Let’s welcome Francesca Shulman, Marketing Partner of Utopia ecosystem (Cryptohill agency) @cheska_fran to introduce【Crypton (CRP) is the monetary unit and digital currency of the Utopia P2P ecosystem.】to us in AMA. Can you introduce yourself to our community?

Francesca Shulman: As you might know, the anonymous team stays behind the Utopia ecosystem. Being their marketing partner, I was asked to represent the Team on this session.

Cyrus: Can you briefly describe CRP and explain its value proposition?

Francesca Shulman: CRP is a cryptocurrency of the Utopia ecosystem. It is a minable, interest-bearing decentralized cryptocurrency that is designed to provide an instant, untraceable and irreversible mean of payment. The purpose of mining CRP is to promote the stability of the ecosystem by increasing the number of routing connections, and Utopia rewards users that support the ecosystem through mining by emitting new CRPs. In addition to mining, users can also earn interest on their CRP balance.

The value proposition of CRP is its unparalleled privacy, as transactions are completely untraceable, and its decentralized architecture meaning that your balance cannot be expropriated. It also boasts instant transaction processing times, irreversible transactions and a built-in secure and convenient wallet. Additionally, it has a sophisticated API for merchants. Overall, CRP aims to be a private, stable and efficient means of digital currency for the Utopia ecosystem.

Cyrus: Is there any project behind CRP?

Francesca Shulman: CRP is the cryptocurrency of the Utopia ecosystem, which is a decentralized peer-to-peer network that provides users with a range of services such as instant messaging, payment system, email, and a built-in browser that allows for anonymous surfing and the ability to host websites on the network. The Utopia is built on a custom blockchain, the development of which was begun covertly in 2013 and released officially in November of 2019.

Cyrus: I did a research before the session, Utopia P2P has another coin listed on Hotbit — UUSD (

Can you tell us more about it?

Francesca Shulman: Utopia USD (UUSD) is a stablecoin that is pegged to the US dollar and is built on top of the Utopia blockchain. It is designed to provide a low-cost, anonymous payment method that maintains a 1:1 parity with the US dollar. The value of UUSD is backed by DAI cryptocurrency collateral, which is publicly verifiable and equal to the total supply of UUSD.

UUSD is intended to provide price stability for Utopia users and is used to make payments without being exposed to unnecessary market volatility risks. It is available for fast and cost-effective conversion to other currencies on Hotbit exchange.

UUSD has no network congestion through its P2P infrastructure and no KYC or transaction limits within the Utopia ecosystem. Utopia USD, like the native Utopia currency Crypton, features anonymous transactions by default and does not reveal any identifying information to its blockchain, rendering its history completely untraceable. This is unique feature to competing private cryptocurrencies.

Cyrus: There are many projects on the BLOCKCHAIN now with similar features just as yours, why do you think I should invest in your project? What features do you have to keep your users glued?

Francesca Shulman: Crypton may be of investment interest for several reasons.

The Utopia Treasury mechanism automatically adjusts the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) rate to manage the supply of Cryptons, making them protected currency against shocks. All holders of Cryptons are eligible to receive PoS rewards according to the current rate and distribution schedule.

Utopia’s approach to liquidity support and market rate stability is highly professional and well-organized, utilizing three main levers: adjustable emission, adjustable PoS rate, and adjustable fees. These settings are controlled by a decentralized referendum, self-governance, and voting system.

Crypton’s demand is backed by the needs of a growing number of miners and users who need it to pay ecosystem fees, issue crypto cards, mint uNS NFTs, stake, and perform other operations, including making a deposit when mining CRP (Crypton).

Finally, with the release of mobile applications at the end of 2022, the number of new users and miners is expected to increase, further fueling the demand for CRP (Crypton). This makes it an attractive investment opportunity for those looking for long-term growth potential.

Cyrus: How will the team plans of pushing this projects so that also the longterm holders will get some reward by just holding their coin and not just doing some day trading?

Also what will be some of maybe benefits of the longterm holders for this project?

Francesca Shulman: Utopia is not just a cryptocurrency, it’s an entire and mature ecosystem that offers a variety of features to unite users. In addition to providing untraceable transactions, Utopia also includes instant messaging and channel chat rooms, email, multiplayer games and much more features developed during 10 years of non-stop process.

One of the key benefits of Utopia is its decentralized structure, making it a viable alternative to popular messaging platforms like Telegram. As the world becomes increasingly digital, the need for secure and private communication platforms will only continue to grow. Utopia is positioning itself as a leader in this space, offering a decentralized alternative to centralized platforms that prioritize profit over user privacy. Future generations will need platforms like Utopia to ensure their rights to privacy and security.

Many, like you, did not know about Utopia until this time, but they will definitely find out, we invite you to imagine the consequences of the explosive growth of the user base of Utopia.

So holding Crypton is good idea if you share our vision.

Cyrus: One can trade CRP, but are there any other ways to get it? Can I mine it?

Francesca Shulman: CRP is a cryptocurrency that can be earned as well as purchased. Here are several ways to earn CRP:

By installing Utopia, subscribing to chat channels, and redeeming vouchers distributed periodically.

By being active on the official Utopia forum, uTalk, and receiving automatic rewards for participating in conversations.

By sharing ideas for development or helping the project on the official support portal and receiving rewards.

By transferring or creating your own channel on Utopia and receiving daily rewards from the Utopia Talents Foundation based on the number of users on the channel.

By becoming a miner using free server facilities and receiving rewards every 15 minutes for forwarding packets on the network.

By investing free CRP in your wallet without risk by delegating them to other miners and earning profits.

By contacting the community and finding investors or like-minded people for ideas related to the development of the ecosystem.

Cyrus: What are the project’s plans?

Francesca Shulman: The Utopia development team is excited to announce several upcoming launches and upgrades to the platform. The team is actively working on the release of the iOS application, as well as upgrading the Android app. The whole ecosystem will include new features such as Utopia Smart Tokens, a launchpad and portal for developers.

In addition to these technical improvements, the team is also planning to release new functionality for users such as blogging, posting and hosting media content, and distributed file storage. Channel and blog owners will also have new monetization options available to them.

It is worth noting that the Utopia development team has been self-funded since 2013 and has never raised any funds. The team has also never pre-mined any tokens.

Stay tuned for more updates as the team works to bring these exciting new features to the Utopia community.

Cyrus: Now we move to the last segment of the AMA session public Q&A, brace yourself for the flood, @cheska_fran will help to answer and pick 10 BEST questions with 10 $CRP1 Token each.

And I will pick lucky users with 10 $CRP1 Token each randomly. Good luck!

You can send any questions about CPR1 team. Please do not send the same questions repeatedly.

Winter Moriarty: According to the project’s roadmap- what are your most important next priorities?

Francesca Shulman: I think the release of the iOS application, as well as upgrading the Android app.

Archie Ruiz: I am interested to invest in your project. When and where can I buy your tokens? Is it already listed exchanges?

Francesca Shulman: Sure, it’s already listed on several exchange, including Hotbit exchange. More information you can find at the official portal —

Di Tử Hà: Are you a global project or local project? At present, which market are you focus on, or is it focused on building and growing to gain customers, users and partners?

Francesca Shulman: It’s a global project for sure. You can use Utopia in any part of the world. Moreover, platform supports multiple languages.

Ia Dickinson: What strategy will you implement to bring non-crypto-natives into your ecosystem? How do you keep a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of your token?

Francesca Shulman:Besides a crypto-part, Utopia is a decentralized peer-to-peer network that provides users with a range of services such as instant messaging, payment system, email, and a built-in browser that allows for anonymous surfing and the ability to host websites on the network.

Lorraine Battle: I want to support your project, Tell us more about the Ambassador Program and in what ways can we participate ?

Francesca Shulman:There are several ways to support the project: by finding bugs and offering promotional activities (more details here —, by creating your own community in Utopia and get a reward for audience online —

Marita Caudle: Can you share your social media links so we can keep ourselves updated?

Francesca Shulman: Sure, ,

Misha Wilkerson: For a project development first of all main priority is having enough fund. Does your team financially capable to run this project? Do you have enough fund for it’s developement Can you tell us that how your project generate the profit?

Francesca Shulman: It’s a completely self-funded project. Since 2013 and has never raised any funds. The team has also never pre-mined any tokens.

MA Hack: Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or does it only limited for professional users ?

Francesca Shulman: I think it’s suitable for the both groups of users: crypto professionals (uWallet, internal external exchange etc.) and for beginners (secure communication tool, games etc.)

Francina Arri: Is your Project a community only for English speaking an few countries or for users not of other languages?

Francesca Shulman: Besides the English-speaking communities you’ve mentioned, there is a range of strong communities from different regions (Vietnamese, Arabic, Turkish, Iranian, Russian, Indian etc)

Benjamin Musgrove: I am an EXPERIENCED DEVELOPER AND ETHICAL HACKER, does you have plans for HACKATHON so as to check the security of your ecosytem periodically and also invite developers to build?

Francesca Shulman: Good idea, I will share it with the Team. By now, as I know, there are no such plans.

Cyrus: Thank you for joining. The above is all for today’s AMA. If you want to know more about Utopia team or have more questions about Utopia team, please check.

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