Hotbit AMA🎉: SMD AMA in English Telegram

Cyrus: Let’s welcome Sunil Parmar , CEO of SMD COIN @SMD_Sunil to introduce【About SMD COIN】to us in AMA. Thank you for being with us today !

Please introduce yourself and your title “”SMD COIN””?

Sunil Parmar: I’m Sunil Parmar the founder and CEO of SMD COIN. As we all know that the crypto is rising day by day and becoming popular among all. So we all need a coin that fulfils all our demands. So I founded SMD COIN as a one-stop solution to all crypto problems. SMD COIN is the world’s first integrated platform, providing Coins Staking, Yield Farming and Self-Holding. SMD COIN provides customers with decentralized farming services, personalized financial solutions, and a variety of interest models and earning opportunities.

Cyrus: What is your inspiration and motive behind building SMD COIN?

Sunil Parmar: I came to crypto quite early 2013 so I have witnessed the instability of Bitcoin and every other cryptocurrency. This made crypto adoption difficult even though we all believe that crypto will be the future of the financial industry. So, this made me think about the idea of creating a highly applicable cryptocurrency, with its value and more adaptable so that’s why I founded SMD COIN.

Cyrus: what are your goals and objectives with SMD COIN?

Sunil Parmar: Our company’s mission is to provide a user-friendly digital platform where we can provide smart contracts, yield farming, coins staking to both novice and experienced investors. We are the leading staking service provider for blockchain projects. Join our community to help secure networks and earn rewards. We know to stake. Our infrastructure was built with maximum security and performance at the forefront.

Cyrus: What is the major milestone achieved by SMD since it was launched in the market?

Sunil Parmar: SMD coin has done so many things I can’t even mention all, but the major milestone is to reach 16K+ community on telegram only and been listed on three exchanges plus coin ranking website within 25 days also the all-time-high price was 0.12$ which means it has already given 9x profit to their buyers which is not a small thing. I assure you that it is just a start, if we can do this much within 25 days then you all can predict what all will happen in future.

Cyrus: Can you give our community a brief description of the platforms where the SMD COIN is listed for people to trade?

Sunil Parmar: Till now SMD has been listed on four exchanges i.e. Pancake Swap, Vindax, Bankcex and Hotbit, apart from them it’s officially announced that it’ll be listed on Bitmart as well on 13th August, 2021 and currently trading is live on only Vindax, Bankcex and Hotbit as we’ve removed liquidity from Pancakeswap. All exchanges are very simple and user friendly. And very soon our own exchange will be launched, which is named as SMDEX.IO

Cyrus: I’m curious to know, can you tell us what can we expect in the next 3 months and 2021 as a whole?

Sunil Parmar: I wanted to say SMD is for the long run, but you’ll see huge growth in next 3 months. SMD is already doing so much to accelerate the growth of the community. The craze of centralized exchanges is decreasing day by day with the complexity and security issues involved. Decentralized exchanges are the future and we firmly believe in this. So, as soon as possible we are going to launch our exchange named SMDEX, so stay tuned for updates…

Cyrus: Can you share your roadmap, which will help our community to know more about SMD COIN?

Sunil Parmar: As you all know our work was started on SMD in March 2021 and implemented all the things and soon our coin was launched on 14th of July on Pancakeswap, after this as on Vindax on the time that was mentioned in the road map and soon it was listed on Bankcex and Hotbit too that was not mentioned in roadmap. As you can see on our roadmap that our exchange will launch in December. After this staking and NFT program will launch on our exchange till March 2022 and many more programs will be held according to the time.

Cyrus: What all steps will you take to achieve your goals and objectives?

Sunil Parmar: We’ll take all the steps which are necessary to take SMD COIN to the moon, we also provides opportunity to every member of our community to give their opinion and we care about all the suggestion of our community, listing on Bitmart is one of them. Our major steps are to launch our crypto exchange platform along with staking, farming and referral programs and to create many ways to use SMD COIN.

Cyrus: I’ve seen your Roadmap you’ve done so many things which were not mentioned in the roadmap. Please Explain.

Sunil Parmar: As you have seen, in our roadmap there were only 2 exchanges that were decided to be listed, that we did before the time and came with new 3 more exchanges that were not mentioned in our roadmap so don’t worry we will do all the things that are mentioned in our roadmap and will do other things as well because we believe in doing work instead of saying a lot. We will achieve our target with some new programs that are not in roadmap. We are ready to work 24/7 and we will reach out our targets.

Cyrus: Which quality of SMD makes it unique from others?

Sunil Parmar: As our team is consistently connected with our buyers and helping them and we always try to find a way that will be convenient to our community. We always take opinions from our community because they are like family to us and every member of our family is important to us…… That’s why we’re unique.

Cyrus: Anything else do you want to share with our community?

Sunil Parmar: Yes sure I would like to share some important links which will help you all to connect with us and to know more about SMD Coin.



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