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💗 Host:Cyrus, Hotbit AMA Host

💗 Guest: Nassim Bouslama (Nas), Co-Founder of SafuYield Protocol & Greg Meszaros, Co-Founder & Dev of SafuYield Protocol

Cyrus: Let’s welcome Nassim Bouslama (Nas), Co-Founder of SafuYield Protocol @defi11 & Greg Meszaros, Co-Founder & Dev of SafuYield Protocol @safutoshi to introduce【 — A Full Suite of DeFi Products】to us in AMA. Thank you for being with us today. Let’s begin!

Nassim Bouslama: Yes sure, I am Nassim Bouslama AKA Nas the co-founder of and SAFUYIELD PROTOCOL, I have been in the space for a while working with different projects and we have decided to contribute to the growing space of DEFI

Greg Meszaros: I am one of the main devs of the platform. Having a solidity/nodejs/JavaScript background and in the space since 2014.

Nassim Bouslama: First of all, before we jump into let us briefly give you a short story about where the idea originally came from, as we all defiant know the famous Meme from CZ the CEO of Binance after they got hacked, and we know the meaning of SAFU so we decided to build a DEFI Secure Asset Fund for Users a platform with many tools on Binance Smart Chain with multiple cooperating smart contracts that we call SAFUDAO.

We started off with deploying SafuYield Protocol before developing the idea of SAFUDAO/ and giving the token a utility with in the platform and create more transactions so SAFUYIELD will work at its full potential and becomes HOT to HODL, We decided to build a series of security and safety awareness tools for investors in the BSC ecosystem, including a DEX where we list SAFU tokens, a smart contract code scanner to detect any future rugs, a time lock and a liquidity lock, Cross-Chain Smart bridge, and a Unique NFT concept to gamefi the tools around our ecosystem, we also decided to add a section where we get our token Holders and community to decides which project/tool should be added to next to play a role in the growth of the ecosystem as part of SafuYield governance protocol, also to be up to date with new and fresh DEFI concepts that could also serve as utility to our token and be of benefits to holders, the more utility we create the more SafuYield Protocol will be of value to our Holders. Everything should be found on our roadmap.

Greg Meszaros: Please take a look at our roadmap

Cyrus: What is SafuYield Protocol? What is the relationship between SAFUYIELD and

Greg Meszaros: SAFUYIELD is a deflationary token, multi chain yield aggregator, governance and staking protocol launched on Binance Smart Chain, a first of its kind DEFI utility token fuelling the SAFUDAO ecosystem. SAFUYIELD is also the utility token for

SAFUYIELD token holders can also interact with the SAFUDAO Governance Protocol to propose and cast a vote for the next project to be part of the platform. Please read and research more about SAFUYIELD token in our litepaper:

But before we jump into details about the Protocol and its heavy loads of goodies for holders, I wanted to highlight that everything is based on a Fair Launch, we agreed to not conduct any token sales, have a fair airdrop at Genesis(Launch) and we have just decided to build and do what we love to do, inhouse we call it “BUIDL”, on May 18th Nas tweeted the draft of SAFUDAO and how we were thinking our ecosystem will function during a testnet before we deployed on mainnet.

This was the first tweet:

We deployed our contract and locked our liquidity in stealth mode with a market cap of 1200 USD, basically we locked 20 trillion liquidity vs 1 BNB. The growth has been substantial

Cyrus: Audits are very important to ensure strong security. Have you completed any audit? Is SAFUYIELD already audited?

Nassim Bouslama: Before we deployed the SafuYield Protocol smart contract on BSC mainnet we had several testnets and automated scans at transactional level to make sure there are no major flaws or bugs that could easily get exploited.

We have decided later down the line that we need to show our growing community and the surging members of our SNS groups that SafuYield Protocol smart contract is a high standard piece of code and can be trusted, so better to get it audited by the like of Certik, who are the best at what they do and are very prominent player in Cyber Security related to Blockchain and has been playing a huge role in DEFI especially after partnering with Binance to secure BSC.

SafuYield products are focused on being safe for users. In order to increase security, the SafuYield Protocol has undergone a Certik audit. The results of the audit will help to identify any potential risks, so action can be taken on them. Users are able to view the results of the audit and 24h SKYNET monitoring on the Certik website. Click on the link for SafuYield Protocol Audit and score and profile

Cyrus: What is the current circulating supply of SAFUYIELD? Can you explain a bit more how the burn tax is applied on every transaction?

Greg Meszaros: SAFUYIELD total supply at launch was 100 trillion tokens. But right after genesis we burned 50% of our supply to support our deflationary tokenomics.

The burn address of SAFUYIELD is increasing with every transaction on the network, which guarantees the deflation and decreasing circulating supply over time, currently we have over 52,588,067,603,353 SafuYield Tokens Burned. Here is a direct link to our burn address:

If you monitor this address and take a note of the balance and visit it again in few days you will notice the burn address balance increased. This is due to the reflections and burn fees which are applied with every transaction. This is what we refer to as “SmartBurn”

Cyrus: You have some well-known advisors on board helping you. Can you introduce a bit more your team structure, advisors and the people working with you?

Nassim Bouslama: On top of the 2 of us present here today the founders of and SafuYield Protocol, we have 2 wonderful Core team members our Crypto Artist and Designer Carlos Leon that contributed in many projects with his work in the space since the first fork of Bitcoin, and our Chief Security officer Aare Reintam who is NATO cyber defense exercise manager and current COO at CybExer Technologies

We also have 3 advisors our main backer and advisor is Jan Strandberg Chief Growth Officer and Founder at, Jason Tucker-Feltham who is the Founder and CEO of which is considered as number Cryptocurrency compliance firm in the UK, and finally Adel Messari who is extremely good at communication and keeping in touch with a huge amount of projects in the space since 2017.

I think together we complete each other in terms of tackling a huge amount of issues and obstacles that we can come across.

The most important thing is the growth of our community, the holders and believers in what we do, will always drive the team forward, they play a bigger part in SAFUDAO governance model, suggesting and voting for the tools that will be part of our ecosystem next.

Nassim Bouslama: Delivery accordingly based on our roadmap is extremely important to us, we had sleepless nights to make ourselves and our community happy, and we gave “BUIDL” full commitment. We do not have a pressure like many other projects that conducted pre-sales or public sales as they feel the need to stick to what they promise their communities and work under extreme pressure to meet deadlines, in our experience from 2017/2018 ICOs and also what has been happening since the start of the DEFI boom, most of these project with good visions fail to deliver despite the funds raised, a lot of them have lack of experience.

SAFU team decided to bring DEFI in 1 place, our ultimate goal is to keep adding many upcoming and fresh DEFI models to be added to our ecosystem, we have 6 components so far on our roadmap and we will have more once our governance protocol will be fully put into work.

At the moment we have 3 components of our ecosystem live, SAFUYIELD which is listed on HOTBIT already, you could find it listed on our first tool SAFUSWAP currently using Pancakeswap liquidity, a cool and fun twist when you try using it, I recommend going on there and have sound on put the volume up to listen to the original “Funds are SAFU” meme sound when using it. Our DEX that will list only SAFU tokens that requires passing a couple of conditions such as Locking liquidity (Could be SAFULOCK) and having an agreeable Pass score after conducting a SAFUSCAN.

SAFULOCK is the 3rd component of our ecosystem and the 2nd tool to be live. SAFUSCAN is the 4th component, our Chief Security Officer Aare Reintam has been hard at work trying to bring a traditional Cyber Security angle to the whole operation of SAFUSCAN, and he personally has a huge team under him and has made an impact worldwide in building military grade scanners for governments around the world.

We have been testing SAFUSCAN in house, and also has gathered a huge amount of interest from our partners and upcoming projects that would later like to use the tool as an easy to integrate SDK. SAFUBRDIGE is one of the tools that will take a huge amount of time and effort to build in my beliefs, we have a unique mechanism to bridge SafuYield tokens using wrapped a wrapped non deflationary token to eliminate loss of SafuYield tokens during transactions and lock the amount crossing to a different until bridged back into SAFUYIELD native chain BSC. It is a cool concept. SAFUBRIDGE will make crosschain transactions easier with a fair and cheap operational fee.

Apart from the tools highlighted we have been in line with building our tools and our business development, we have partnered with key companies to insure our sustainability and upcoming strategic partnerships to grow our ecosystem.

We have listed SafuYield Protocol on major coins index sites like Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, Coinparprika, we have been verified by BSC and we are part of the Binance Smart Chain landscape, we have been listed on 1inch, Mdex, finexbox on top of Pancakeswap where most of our liquidity is locked and our own SAFUSWAP, we have been added to metamask, the price checks on Trustwallet and we are waiting for our logo to show up on there. We also have those “WoW Factor” surprises to our communities, we have extra fun projects that we add as part of the ecosystem and all related to our tools.

Look at our 2021 plans and roadmap.

Cyrus: As you mentioned SAFULOCK, could you please explain a bit more how SAFULOCK works, what are the benefits of using this tool?

Nassim Bouslama: SAFULOCK is the first tool from the SAFUDAO’s ecosystem with the aim to “Make DEFI a Safer Space”, a slogan adopted by the team. SAFULOCK is completely new, made affordable for the average crypto user, with an incentivizing compound farming reward system of up to 107.36% when locking SAFUYIELD tokens (APY dropps in locking stages currently at 46.41% with 6 trillion tokens locked). The tool is totally different from its existing competitors, such as Unicrypt or Deeplock, which initially was used to lock the SAFUYIELD Protocol tokens Liquidity Pool for over 100 years.

SAFULOCK has solved the issue faced by Deeplock when it comes to locking deflationary tokens where the lock smart contract code does not calculate the burned fees while sending funds to the lock wallet address. This makes it impossible to withdraw locked deflationary assets from Deeplock, as currently users must top up the initial amount burned from the amount of deflationary tokens when lock time elapses to claim funds back.


With SAFULOCK user can lock any BEP-20 (BSC) token in seconds and show the public the details of the token lockup on the easy-to-use Interface. Most importantly, the infamous “rug pull” cannot take place if teams decide to lock their Liquidity Pool (PancakeSwap) tokens and team tokens. For each standard lock, the smart contract will automatically charge a 0.01 BNB fee. For each Liquidity Pool lock, the smart contract will automatically charge a 0.01 BNB fee. With these affordable flat standard fees, SAFULOCK is the cheapest and most efficient Lock in the space.

Use Cases

Token Presales and Investor-Timed Locks: Lock investors’ tokens and create a specific date for when they will be able to claim pre-sales or private sales conducted by projects on Binance Smart Chain. Team Token Locks and Vesting: Lock team tokens and create a vesting schedule for team members with specific dates and token amounts. This gives investors’ confidence that the team and developers will not dump their tokens on the market. Team Scheduled Payments: Agree on a yearly salary with your employee, lock it in a pool functionality for an average cut to be calculated and claimed at a certain date monthly. There will be more use cases in the future: a safe locker, pooling and compound farming systems for different projects and tokens. Take a look at SAFULOCK and start locking today

Cyrus: Are you planning to launch your own NFT series too?

Greg Meszaros: Yes, we have a cool and unique concept when it comes to NFTs with a marketplace, we decided to also gamefi minting, and holding our NFTs and make it a glove tool that fits in all our ecosystem and to use SafuYield Protocol tokens as a utility. The longer and more you HODL the more the Rarity will be in minting NFTs, we will also have different partners joining us on our quest. SAFUNFT will be very new and unique. As it will combine the metaverse and the real world, we will have more to come regarding this. Please stay tuned. Here are some useful links to learn more:

We have partners aligned for this concept we hope it will make a huge impact on the growth of our ecosystem

Cyrus: Now we move to the last segment of the AMA session public Q&A, Now let’s invite @defi11 & @safutoshi to pick some good questions to answer.

@halima313: Usually smart contracts are full of bugs. Its need 2 or 3 round of Audit by a third party company. Did you guys ever audited your smart contracts? If yes, what’s the result of the audit?

Greg Meszaros: Yes, sure very good question. We have Certik Audit available and passed with very high score. Also we have our chief security officer, who works in the cyber space for over 10 years, helping us with internal code audits before we publish anything.

@Akash_Mamud13: While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

Nassim Bouslama: I think this is very important for us to put that matter first as we are fully community driven with a governance protocol, our community decides on projects to be added to our ecosystem, our community propose the next projects to be added to through a voting system. So yes HOLDERS decide

@designer2371: Do you have Whitepaper if yes please share it with us and secondly do you have plans for pre-sale? Where can we join it?

Greg Meszaros: Yes sure, you can read our litepaper here: Also as mentioned earlier we didn’t conduct any pre-sale, no ICO as we wanted to have a 100% fair launch and distribution. We had an Airdrop whitelist for our early supporters.

@Cudurbudur: I want to invest to your project. Where can I buy it? Is it available on any exchange? Also all the links to all your social media platforms if possible?

Nassim Bouslama: You can get SafuYield Protocol tokens from our own swap It’s available on






You could find us on major social networking sites Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram with the handle

@LAWYER9020: Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?

Greg Meszaros: We have a built in burn in our smart contract! As every TX distributes 2% to holders and 2% to the burn address. This ensures our deflationary tokenomics and also decreasing circulating supply over time.

@Striker2111: As we know many people judge a project with the token price and that is important so what do you have to say to investors to increase the token demand?

Nassim Bouslama: Realistically we are not focused on price, although it makes an impact on demand and from an investor point of view. As we started of super low marketcap of 1.2k USD and everything has grown organically since launch, we love what we are doing and we will continue building we have a slogan that we believe in while our community “HODL” we “BUIDL”.

@icystealth62: Ambassadors play a very important role in every project, do you have an ambassador program? If yes, how can I be one?

Greg Meszaros: Yes we have an active Ambassador program, currently over 14 ambassadors from different parts of the world. Please join @safuyield and ask our moderators if you are interested to join our Ambassador program.

@myrlemcclain: NFT is getting more popular now a days. It looks NFT has bright future. So do you guys have any plan to include NFT to your project?

Greg Meszaros: Yes, we are working on our custom NFTs and also NFT marketplace. SAFUYIELD holders will be able to mint these NFTs and trade them. Our NFTs will combine a concept of a real world and the Metaverse and it will be a completely new and unique concept.

@blackvampyr: A big problem for a lot of Defi projects seems to be that when farming starts, the price goes down because people unload to put liquidity into the farm. Will there be an incentive to hold and not just farm and dump?

Greg Meszaros: Our farming is bit different as SAFUYIELD doesn’t have a “mint” function, we can’t create more SAFUYIELD, and in fact SAFUYIELD is decreasing in circulating supply with every TX. SAFULOCK can be used for farming, but we only distribute SAFUYIELD what we have left on the airdrop wallet. As this SAFUYIELD is distributed SAFULOCK farming rewards are decreased proportionally.

@sharylobryan: What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market? And In contrast, what is your weakness? How do you plan to overcome it?

Nassim Bouslama: We have a superb team at the moment and we are growing stronger by the day as our community grow, everything has been organic and we do not have the pressure of investors which is unique in the space as we have seen many projects fail to deliver after a good start, well I can say that our start has been substantial because anyone can start with a 1k USD marketcap but realistically when it comes to delivery is what really matters.

Our team consist of extremely experienced individuals that can bring something special to the space, we have decided to be cheap fees and fair to accommodate any user groups also beginners to DEFI and make it a safe environment. We have Aare who is currently working on SAFUSCAN bringing a new angle from the tradition cyber security space as he is NATO cyber defense exercise manager and current COO at CybExer Technologies

It will bring a lot of credibility for the safety and security of users as we are 100% ANTI-SCAM. Our advisors also play a big role in the advance and progress of

Cyrus: The above is all for today’s AMA. If you want to know more about SafuYield Protocol or have more questions about SafuYield Protocol, please check

SafuYield Protocol’s website and community links can be found here.

Official Website:




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