Hotbit AMA🎉: NitroEx (NTX) AMA in English Telegram

SARA: Let’s welcome Giorgio Gallo — Marketing Advisor of NitroEx to introduce 【NitroEx】 to us in AMA. Thank you for being with us today. Let’s begin! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself- what are your roles within NitroEx, and how did you get started with Crypto?

Giorgio Gallo: I am marketing advisor of NitroEx Family and I am very happy to be participant of huge and qualified Exchange. I combined my marketing experiences with crypto in 2016. Of course Sara, Also it’s a pleasure to have in AMA with you in such big community. I hope you don’t sweat me a lot

SARA: Thanks for the introduction. Let’s start my questions. Please kindly type DONE, after answering any question completely to avoid interrupting your flow.

What are the features that make your exchange stand out from other exchanges?

Giorgio Gallo: NitroEx has been developed with dedication from the idea stage. We wanted it to be an exchange that users would really appreciate. We know that there are too many exchanges. For this reason, it would be necessary to make a difference.

SARA: Quite detailed explanation. Next question. The popularity of cryptocurrencies is increasing, where do you see NitroEX Exchange in the future?

Giorgio Gallo: First our motto is very clear to reply that question; “NitroEx for all the people of the future”. Thanks to the state-of-the-art Nitrobot, users can safely fold their earnings without looking back. So there is no need to deep knowledge about cryptocurrency for investment.

SARA: How many times have your systems crashed in pump and dump situations?

Giorgio Gallo: It never happened, we have been working with care and dedication from the beginning of the project to ensure that it does not happen. We believe it will not happen anymore. In addition, our cyber defense shield is active 24/7 for all other possibilities.

SARA: Do you have any plans for other exchanges to be listed on NTX Hotbit?

Giorgio Gallo: Yes, many exchanges are waiting in line to list Ntx. Hotbit appeals to a wide audience on a global scale, it has been our reason for preference. Thank you Sara for great partnership.

SARA: Thanks for your detailed introduction. Now we move to the last segment of the AMA session; public Q&A.

Now please select some good questions to answer.

Giorgio Gallo: First of all that much attention impressed us and make us very happy. Sara to be honest I’m trying to read each of it one by one but I think there is more than 2000 questions and as everybody would agree we couldn’t read all now . But I can promise I will extract these questions to marketing team and team will prepare blogs Q&A from all of your questions. Let me quickly choose the ones which looking best and try to explain as much as I can :) But we are ready to reply all question for our investor 24x7 on our Telegram group @NitroExOffical and over and our support system as well. Thanks for All who join this event and also I would like to share there will be much more events and extra activities which starts with Hotbit.



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