Hotbit AMA🎉:NAOS Finance AMA in English Telegram

Cyrus: Let’s welcome Kevin Tseng — Co-founder of NAOS Finance @tsengkevin & Bob Chien, Ph.D.— Product Head of NAOS Finance @mi_go_bao_bo to introduce 【NAOS Finance】 to us in AMA. Thanks for joining us today. Please start off by introducing yourselves to our community?

Kevin Tseng: Hi all, thanks for being here today, NAOS Finance is the leading protocol for real world assets on-chain. I started my career as an investment banker at Merrill Lynch, then spend most of my career as a tech entrepreneur and venture capital investors.

Cyrus: Thanks for the introduction. Let’s start my questions. Can you briefly describe what is NAOS Finance?

Kevin Tseng: NAOS is building a bridge to bring traditional finance into DeFi by funding real world debt with crypto assets supplied by blockchain lenders. NAOS has originated more than $250 million in real world assets provided by fortune 500 companies, publicly traded institutions and global corporations.

Cyrus: What are the goals that you are aimed to achieve?

Bob Chien, Ph.D: Our team is creating a decentralized financial network, of course. What we want to achieve are

Cyrus: let’s move on to the next question. Could you share the recent progress and your future plan about Naos.Fiance with us, such as token sale, airdrop plan, staking and so on?

Jeffrey Lin: Hey all, really excited to be here today and can’t thank you all enough for having me. My name is Jeff and I’m here to help ferry any additional questions we may have. As of right now, our team is heads down, hyper focused on getting our product out the door. Hence, we haven’t officially announced any information as to when our public sale will take place. We do estimate that we will be offering something into the market sometime in Q2 or early Q3. Once we get something more concrete, we’ll be sure to announce it on our community page. We do have plans to offer staking.

Cyrus: Quite detailed explanation. What is the anticipated launch date of NAOS Protocol and the mainnet?

Kevin Tseng: optimistically we’re preparing to launch in Q3 2021

Cyrus: Does NAOS own their own real world assets?

Bob Chien, Ph.D: NAOS works directly with fintech partners based all around the world.

Cyrus: Where do the assets come from?

Jeffrey Lin: Excellent question. Assets are provided by our asset origination partners situated all around the world. These assets comprise of corporate and institutional debt similar to accounts receivables and purchase orders but may also include supply chain and inventory financing. Essentially we work with a diverse range of assets. Not only do we act as our own asset originator, but our team is actively working with originators from all around the world to bring a portfolio approach to the project. We think this is just the start. As more and more traditional real world companies begin seeing the value that the blockchain can unlock, we think its only a matter of time before we start seeing more off-chain assets come on.

Cyrus: What happens to the holders of NAOS tokens when real world assets default?

Kevin Tseng: the safety of the fund provided by lenders is our top priority, we have a multiple layers of protection in place to ensure the funds safe. First of all, all assets are insured by off-chain insurance policies; secondly, our senior/junior tranches design serves to ensure the first loss guarantee; finally, we will be allocating a portion of the revenue to an insurance pool that shields lenders from black swan event. Lastly, the NAOS token is a governance token, its value is not directly correlated to the performance of real world assets. All the assets will be placed in an independently managed trust

Cyrus: Who are your competitors?

Bob Chien, Ph.D: We don’t have direct competitors now. We are not the first one to bring the RWA on chain but we do want more friend on RWA world to bring assets on chain. The biggest difference between us and other projects is that. The SIZE does matter. For example, our current set of assets are over $250 million and we have a couple more millions of dollars that we can easily bring into our ecosystem. We see other competitors looking at assets that are maybe $50,000 or $150,000. It’s not scalable. For real world assets to work onto chain, we need much larger assets to fully unlock all the value that is being tied up….



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