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💗 Host:Cyrus, Hotbit AMA Host

💗 Guest: Ben Todar, CEO of Moon Nation Game & Jay, Tech Director of Moon Nation Game

Cyrus: Let’s welcome Ben Todar, CEO of Moon Nation Game @TheNOCGeneral & Jay, Tech Director of Moon Nation Game @MNG_Commander to introduce【Moon Nation and GameFi】to us in AMA. Thank you for being with us today!

Jay: I am Jay, technology director along with Ben, our CEO. We are happy to answer AMA.

Ben: Hello, I am Ben Todar, CEO of Moon Nation Game

Jay: Ben, our CEO, has great experience as successful entrepreneur. His degree in International Marketing from The London School of Economics and Political Science coupled with his deep understanding of crypto space makes him great leader to lead this.

Jay, our Technology Director, has been running a software firm since last 12 years. His experience and Master’s Degree from University of Houston, Texas makes him ideal candidate to understand, design and implement vastly different and advanced tech required to build this project. This project involves bringing together teams from Game Design, 3D graphics, Smart Contract Programming, Web Development, Apps and builds the complete solution.

IceFrag — the Tech Manager — core responsibility is to bridge the community queries and the technological advancement of Moon Nation. Also, jack of all trades from content writing, community moderation, ads creation, hype-god and most importantly MNG loyalist. An auditor, systems improvement, and chemical engineer by profession and self-learn crypto enthusiasts since 2014. Vast knowledge on blockchain and its underlying technology. P.S. Eth sucks (for now).

M7, our very own Chief Advisor and Finance Manager. Economics Graduate, Banking Auditor, Experienced day trader, long term ISA investor with the technical know-how of unearthing gems and of the crypto space. Co-founded NOC with Ben and is a trusted Lieutenant to the General.

Hardikh Parekh, one of our Social Media Managers.

M00N L4ND3R (Sergio), our Community Manager, has a strong and long Management experience from different Multinational Companies including Amazon for the last 5 years. He also holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Global Business. From 2017, he started to get involved in the crypto space and with his successful trading skills makes him the right candidate for the position.

Tetsu — Social Media and Community manager, He is Aircraft Engineer Team leader by profession. His experience in handling personnel from different nationalities helps handle the community. Though new in cryptospace, his love in the MNG project made him dedicate himself to do his D&Ds and help spread his knowledge of the project

Meg, our newest appointed Community Manager

All these skillsets, together, are well suited for a project like Moon Nation Game. After going through weeks of preparation, we took a jump.

Cyrus: Can you introduce Moon Nation Game project in detail?

Jay: Moon Nation Game token has 2 subprojects.

A. Moon Nation Game

Moon Nation Game is the largest space-based role playing game being built on Binance Smart Chain with Moon Nation Game (MNG) as native token. $MNG is rock-solid utility token with reflection rewards, liquidity tax, burn and marketing & promotion wallet tax.

There are multiple communities on multiple planets. Users can travel to different planets, take different avatars, and join different communities. Users can acquire different skillsets. Reach different levels. They can achieve success by doing tasks /spending currency. There will be rewards, prizes, special powers on reaching certain levels. There will be competitions, war between communities, in game availability of resources, weapons, NFT. There will be lot of aliens to fight with or to align with. $MNG Token will power this entire space ecosystem.

B. Moon Nation Bridge

Moon Nation Bridge is a hybrid platform where we will be launching 100s of games. Lot of third party games will also be available on Moon Nation Bridge. MNG token is used for financial aspect of game economy and games are played off chain keeping high speed of gaming experience and also no gas fees are required. Moon Nation Bridge acts as connecting block of these two worlds.

Jay: We are integrating 2 of the most exciting domains of the future. Gaming + Cryptocurrency!!!

Moon Nation Game is multi player, role based game where token holders will be issued passports against $MNG tokens and start the amazing journey of unexplored space, with top of the line graphics. $MNG will be used for various features in Moon Nation Game. We are not just releasing token, but we are building the Space Game. Our project is complete ecosystem of Tokens, Game, Crypto Community, Gamers, in game merchandise, reviewers, and competitions. Our Game is Space game and we are setting our limit BEYOND the sky.

Game Plan

Survival — Home, Oxygen, Water, Food, Energy, Transportation (Monor-Name of Special Moon Vehicles)

Health Score (Die if not maintained healthy state) — Daily Intake of oxygen, Water, Food, Save from other player to player attack, alien attack.

Currency — Moonies. Buy necessary supply or trade with others. Exchange with MNG tokens. Each player will get fixed free Moonies and Passport at start of Game.

Journey to Moon–

A — Complete the journey — on self — Lot of tasks to be managed. (Path, speed, oxygen, asteroid collisions).

B — Hire Professional Pilot (PAID). Reach Moon.

Home — Build / Buy / Rent (Different types of Home for each level). Manage daily requirement of water, food and oxygen. Explore Moon for resources.

Transportation — Walk / Buy Monor

Make friends — Friends help to attack other players/ Save from attack of other players. Players will have ability to make friend request, accept/deny request. Friends can connect with each other and make strategies.

Attack — Players can attack and kill other player to grab resources. No attack in home. 4 people can attack single player. 3 friends can save from attack.

Treasure Hunt — Collectibles available on moon at various places. Collect those, Hold or trade with Moonies. There will be lot of valuable items in the form of NFT in the game spread at different locations of moon.

Oxygen Factory — Player can be partial owner on meeting the required criteria, and will receive profits from it.

Restaurants — Players can build Restaurant and earn by providing food.

Water Reservoir — Player can be partial owner on meeting required criteria, and will receive profits from it.

Alien Attack — Aliens will attack at some times. Special Bunker (having fixed capacity for each level player) will protect from alien attack. Exact 10 Player group is also protected. Rest all will be killed. All resources of killed players will go back to Game.

Levels — Game will have 5 Levels. Need to have level specific home, Monor (Special Vehicle), Ownership of restaurant, oxygen factory, water reservoir, Level Specific NFT valuables from Treasure hunt.

Rewards — There will be lot of rewards on achieving different levels in the form of MNG tokens.


Cyrus: What is Moon Nation Bridge?

Jay: Moon Nation Bridge (MNB). MNB is integration platform for Third Party Games with MNG. This will allow existing Games available for crypto communities.

How it works — There are 2 type of wallets for Players and Games.

1. Blockchain Wallet — This contains MNG tokens and Points (Which can be used to play games). Users will be able to swap MNG with Points and vice versa. This will be on BSC as of now. Other Blockchains will be added subsequently.

2. Game Wallets — Every Player and Game has its own Points wallets. Users can transfer points between these wallets and Blockchain wallet. These wallets will be off Blockchain. The conversion ratio of MNG to Points will be based on current price of MNG, making Points to cost same at any given time.

Advantages for Game Developers — Existing or New Games can be made available on this platform easily. Games don’t need to be on Blockchain. Lot of Games don’t intent to integrate Blockchain as it involves lot of efforts and learning curve. This will make their existing work available to crypto communities / crypto payment in the easiest way. They only need to use MNB APIs to buy/redeem points. Game developers are protected against MNG price volatility.

Advantages for Players — Lot of existing and exciting Games will be available to play with MNG as currency. Players are protected against MNG price volatility.

Advantages for MNG investors — This will create demand for MNG tokens in the market making its very valuable asset.

Moon Nation Bridge is the most innovative approach in this space. We are confident to bring lot of normal games players to crypto gaming with this approach and technology. For sure, we like to create new innovative path in this domain.

Jay: With Moon Nation Bridge, porting normal games to crypto world will be real fast. Game development is time taking process, with Moon Nation Bridge, we are saving lot of efforts for game developers to learn and integrate new tech.

Ben: Third party game developers have unique advantages of coming on Moon Nation Bridge Platform.

a. They don’t need to integrate total blockchain in the games, but just use the standard off chain APIs provided by Moon Nation Bridge. With minimum efforts, games can be ported for the crypto users.

b. No Gas fees are required for in game transactions.

c. They get larger crypto community exposure bringing them more opportunities to monetize their work.

We have already launched 4 games on this platform to prove the entire tech required and now we will bring more and more games on this platform.

Jay: We want to give the users multiple options to play the games. Moon Nation Game will give them the experience of 3D role playing game with top of the line graphics. This is targeted towards more enthusiastic game players. With Moon Nation Bridge, we will be giving options of playing from 100s of regular games for the players. These games will cover multiple domains of gaming. Every player will find games suiting to individual taste to play. In other words, we want to spoil the players for options.

We will have lot of prizes, tournaments, rewards to win from multiple games, so people can earn while entertaining themselves. Best part of Moon Nation Bridge is, users can use points from one game to other games without any fee or tax.

Ben: Besides Moon Nation Game (Beta to be released by the EoY), the team developed the Moon Nation Bridge (already live) which will revolutionize the Blockchain Gaming space.

Cyrus: What are your tokenomics?

Jay: Token — Moon Nation Game

Contract — 0x5941f87eb62737ec5ebbecab3e373c40fe40566b

Symbol — MNG

Decimal — 9

Initial Total Tokens384,400,000 (Distance from Earth to Moon in meters). Out of this almost 55,000,000+ tokens are already burned and MNG is deflationary token.

TaxTotal Transaction Tax — 10% (Liquidity — 3%, Rewards to existing holders — 3%, Burn — 2%, Marketing & Promotion Wallet — 2%)

Jay: We will mention few points from lot of amazing things we are building for this project. We are legally registered company in UK with doxed CEO and team. We are building this as regular legal business with first goal of becoming billion dollar unicorn and continue from there.

We are integrating 2 of the most exciting domains of the future. Gaming + Cryptocurrency!!! MNG is the utility token and not just the meme token pumping on hype. We believe merging cryptocurrency and gaming has the brightest future. We are building real 3D Role playing game with top line graphics.

Our Moon Nation Bridge will have 100s of regular games to play. MNG token will be the sole token driving all the economics of this entire ecosystem creating immense value for the token. MNG is deflationary by design and with every buy/sale, supply is getting reduced. The buy pressure from game players will create immense value creation for this token.

We have built the most amazing community for this project and we believe to listen to our community, engage with them, and take necessary steps based on feedbacks, constructive criticism and keep improving the project. And we love to deliver more than we commit!!!

We encourage all members to DYOR, get all doubts cleared and welcome to the journey to the moon (albeit in the game)


Cyrus: Now we move to the last segment of the AMA session public Q&A, Now let’s invite @TheNOCGeneral & @MNG_Commander to pick some good questions to answer.

@Gop53: Sir I have a Question? In future Moon Nation will be work with nft program… And how to do it any?

Jay: Yes, Moon Nation Game is going to have in game assets linked to the NFTs. We will be integrating NFT platform with Moon Nation Game as well as Moon Nation Bridge.

@sophiewilliams: STAKING is one of the STRATEGIES to ATTRACT USERS and HOLD them and long term. Does your GREAT PROJECT have plan about to Staking?

Ben: Yes, we do have a fantastic staking plan with our partner HOTBIT. Details will be available in the next few minutes. In fact, Great news for all MNG holders

@yugiam06: Many projects are just projects that make deceptive promises created by cloning existing ones and are similar to existing ones. Do you have features that are unique to you that you have developed and that make you special?

Jay: We have already launched Moon Nation Bridge platform and 4 games on the platform. Moon Nation Bridge is built from scratch. There is no comparable platform available as of now, and we are happy to be pioneer in this field. So we are leaders in this space as far as building and launching the technology, not followers!

@Rasel123: Staking, Farming and NFTs have proven to be very good ways of attracting users and improving Adoption. What are your thoughts and plans on these features?

Ben: We are going big on NFTs. We are having big plans that we are working very hard on at this moment!! On our MNB there will be an NFT market place where you can buy, sell auction all your NFTs including the ones you earn or buy from our Moon Nation Game.

@expertinvestor1: Dear sir, what is the most ambitious goal of the project? I will appreciate & invest with it if you could share with us any upcoming updates? What should the community look for?

Jay: We want to be the ultimate game store for blockchain tech and bring millions of users and 100s/1000s of games on the platform. We are participating and gold sponsor of the biggest crypto expo happening in Dubai in October where we will be presenting lot of amazing things for first time and release roadmap for next 2 years.

Ben: We are also the gold sponsor of Dubai Crypto Expo — the biggest crypto currency event in the world

We couldn’t be more excited to be part of one of the biggest and most expected crypto events of the year — CryptoExpoDubai

It is not only a great opportunity for #MoonNation to be a Gold Sponsor, but also a great honor to have #MoonNation ‘s CEO Ben Todar as one of the speakers of the event. Being part of such an event will provide us with an enormous opportunity to,

- Meet and engage with 3000+ traders attending face-to-face

- Network with professionals from Crypto industry

- Showcase #MoonNation’s products and services

- Help/Teach #investors on how to invest in this exciting market

- Have a chance to get a reputed AWARD

@Kirchner654: Do you have any Coin Burn / Buyback systems or any $Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?


@Monira4243: While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands? While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

Jay: Strong Community is our backbone. We constantly engage with our community. In fact, our CEO is the most engaging and easily approachable CEO with the community. We like to take lot of community competitions, seek ideas, suggestions, and feedbacks and make sure we are aligned with the expectations of the community. We are very proud of our community. In fact, it’s our family.

@xperia3: Hackers and Scammers are getting active more and more. Can you please give some information about the Security system of MNG? How safe is MNG especially for long term investors?

Ben: Absolutely, as mentioned before Jay, our Technology Director, has been running a software firm since last 12 years. His experience and Master’s Degree from University of Houston, Texas makes him ideal candidate to understand, design and implement vastly different and advanced tech required to build this project. This project involves bringing together teams from Game Design, 3D graphics, Smart Contract Programming, Web Development, Apps and builds the complete solution.

@onlyalexeipetrov: Is your project only for elite investors, what about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

Jay: For us, everyone is member of family. We don’t judge by how much one is holding, we love everyone

@Pantupino: Where I can get the latest updates or more information about the project?

Jay: Website:





@gemsdungeon: Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to join your project? Because the success of a project attracts more investors who haven’t yet entered the crypto world. What are the plans to raise awareness about your project in the non-crypto space?

Jay: Very soon, we are allowing non crypto users to register and play games on Moon Nation Bridge. Crypto is required only if user wants to encash the rewards. It will attract lot of non-crypto users to the platform who will be slowly getting linked to the crypto world.

@Wingooe: NFT is getting more popular now a days. It looks NFT has bright future. So do you guys have any plan to include NFT to your project?

Jay: We are building lot of local communities and at this moment, we have 20+ country/language specific communities. We are constantly seeking partnerships where there is synergy. You can find list of lot of partnerships we have made. We are starting to attend real world expos/events (as and when covid norm allows) for crypto and gaming. We are engaging with influences. We are targeting to rope in real world venture investors.

Cyrus: Thank you. The above is all for today’s AMA. If you want to know more about Moon Nation Game or have more questions about Moon Nation Game, please check

Moon Nation Game’s website and community links can be found here.

Official Website:


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