Hotbit AMA🎉:LOUD MARKET AMA in English Telegram

Cyrus: Let’s welcome James Grey, CEO of LOUD MARKET @JamesLoud to introduce【The First Music NFT Marketplace】to us in AMA. Thank you for being with us today. Let’s begin!

Could you introduce yourself to our community?

James Grey: Hi guys, I’m James Gray — the CEO of Loud Market Ltd, the British company behind Loud Market and the $Loud Token.

Cyrus: What is the core concept behind Loud Market?

James Grey: Loud Market is the first, and most developed NFT marketplace for MUSIC! Central to our ethos is the issue of income. Distribution within the music industry — artists simply do not earn enough money from their work. Streaming has failed artists as a financial structure for music. Record labels and tech companies take the vast majority of all the profits, and this something that can be easily fixed through decentralization.

Cyrus: How does the business work economically if there are no fees on the marketplace?

James Grey: You are correct that artists will be subject to 0% market fees when using $LOUD tokens on Loud Market. This is one of our methods to encourage artists to try the NFT structure for their creative business.

Cyrus: What mechanisms do you have in place to prevent copyright infringement?

James Grey: Loud Market will be a decentralized marketplace and as with all decentralized marketplaces there is always difficulty in artist verification.

Cyrus: How close are we to marketplace launch?

James Grey: Our V1 beta is live and testable on the TestNet, however we are incredibly close to releasing our V2 marketplace on the testnet for testing.

Cyrus: Do you have any corporate or music collaborations?

James Grey: We do not currently have any corporate partnerships. We have not actively sought out any corporate partnerships and instead have focused our energy on artist acquisition. We are very close to signing a very exciting partnership.

Cyrus: How do you plan to expand the Loud brand and the services provided by Loud Market?

James Grey: The sky is the limit for Loud. We intend to expand this to every genre of music globally — and then to every aspect of every genre. We will first be incorporating music, then music videos, and then moving on to merchandise and artist sponsorships. We are very community focused and, upon community request, we have started building a Loud Radio Station to promote up and coming artists. Finally our long term plan includes expanding into live events and performances.



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