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💗 Host:Cyrus, Hotbit AMA Host

💗 Guest: Eason, Ambassador of Kortho Chain

Cyrus: Let’s welcome Eason, Ambassador of Kortho Chain @easono to introduce【KorthoChain-Rookie Public-Chain Focused On Green Mining】to us in AMA. Thank you for being with us today!

Could you introduce yourselves to our community?

Eason: Hello everyone, I am the CTO of korthochain. I am Eason. I am very happy to share our korthochain with you today

Eason: KorthoChain (Kortho chain) belongs to Singapore KorthoChain Foundation (Kortho Foundation). It is the pioneer of the public chain in the field of data right confirmation.

Kortho chain has a complete blockchain system architecture, including P2P network architecture, EVM smart contract, PPOS consensus algorithm mechanism, ED25519 signature algorithm, SHA-3 encryption security algorithm, and Badger persistent k-v storage database.

Kortho Chain is based on the PPOS (POW+POS) consensus algorithm, which has high fault tolerance, solves the problem of inconsistent block information in the network, and greatly improves efficiency.

While protecting the interests of all participants, and effectively integrating resources in various industries, KTO Pass will build a new value Internet ecology with multiple participation and benefits, and provide new business directions and underlying technical architecture support for the field of data right confirmation.

Eason: First of all, we are equipped with the Ethereum EVM smart contract, which can support the huge technology application ecology such as DeFi, NFT and GameFi. This KorthoChain public chain ecological development provides the basic guarantee. Secondly, we chose the PPOS (POW+POS) mining consensus mechanism

On the one hand, he Kortho mining machine adopts a high-performance CPU mining model to ensure that the mining process is green and environmentally friendly, and it is true that a computer can mine at home.

Mine; on the other hand, Kortho has added a stepped staking pledge and release mechanism to the mining algorithm, which can effectively control the circulation of tokens in the market, thereby reducing the large fluctuations in token prices. This not only ensures that everyone can participate in mining at low cost, but also avoids the formation of a monopoly of computing power by large households. It is a green, energy-saving and efficient mining for all people and a new kind of mining for all people after Bitcoin and Ethereum POW mining. Format.

Eason: KorthoChain adopts the PPOS consensus mechanism, which is actually the mining mechanism of POW+POS. In this way, compared to the pure POW mining mechanism such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, it can be more green and environmentally friendly, because our POW only has one The basic mining threshold, as long as the conditions are met, a computer at home can participate in mining, which avoids the computing power pollution caused by competing hardware and the use of staking-style POS mining eliminates the pure POS mechanism. The centralization problem caused. At this stage, the consensus mechanism of POW+POS mining has a trend of guiding the entire mining tide.

Eason: How does KorthoChain mine?

1) Hardware configuration: KorthoChain uses a CPU-friendly algorithm for mining. Three different CPU configurations, 8-core, 16-core, and 20-core can be selected. The greater the percentage of computing power, the higher the probability of block generation

2) The Vdfhash algorithm is used, this allows ordinary users with the lowest configuration to have the probability of mining blocks to participate in the distribution. The flattening of mining equipment eliminates the monopoly of large-scale users;

3) Each node can pledge KTO to reduce the difficulty and increase the probability of block production. The upper limit of pledge follows the entire network. The total amount of pledge increases and decreases. The specific performance is x = y-v / t. Both pledge and reward release are linear. It takes 120 days to pledge all, and it also takes 120 days to fully release rewards. This can effectively avoid large fluctuations in the market in the short-term and help the market grow steadily in the long-term.

Eason: Just like Binance as the Binance smart chain and Huobi as the Huobi ecological chain, KorthoChain launched its own ecological chain, aiming to open source the technology and build a development platform to attract developers from all over the world to settle on the platform to develop all kinds of The application provides users with a rich and playable interactive experience.

At present, KorthoChain has supported the landing development of various applications such as DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and hundreds of developers have settled in for contract development. Up to now, the applications that have been developed include KeepToken wallet, KeepSwap, etc. These applications will become the basis for the landing of KorthoChain’s ecological applications.

Eason: KorthoChain’s native token KTO has been launched on BCONE, WBF, ZG and other exchanges, including the Hotbit exchange that went online today, and will gradually expand to major exchanges such as Huobi and Binance.

The launch of Hotbit this time is an inflection point for us. Due to the gradual deepening of the global market, we have a certain scale of user groups in Southeast Asia, the United States, Russia, Europe and other regions, and Hotbit is a company in the world. The choice of an exchange that has done well in the chemical market to list on the Hotbit exchange is of great strategic significance to the entire KorthoChain ecosystem.

Eason: At present, the layout of the DeFi and NFT of the public chain led by the Ethereum public chain is obvious to all.

However, because the performance of the Ethereum public chain is relatively low, it cannot satisfy the user experience required for its ecological expansion. There are choking problems in the ecology of the square, such as congestion and high gas costs.

In this context, there have been many cutting-edge public chains, such as Solana, Near, Avalanche, etc. The existence of these public chains without exception is to share the ecological overflow of Ethereum through higher network performance and load.

In fact, the goal of KorthoChain’s emergence is also the same, because this market is large enough to give many public chains the opportunity to share the cake, and it also gives the public chain the confidence to develop and grow.

Compared with public chains such as near and Avalanche that use sharding, cross-chain bridges and other solutions at the bottom of the technology to optimize the ecology, KorthoChain has systematically upgraded from the consensus mechanism, technical solutions, and ecological landing. This is also the current participation of KorthoChain. The strength of the public chain dispute lies.

Eason: In the next stage, our key work is to implement the mining ecology and build developer community service systems around the world. Based on these tasks, we will further expand and develop technology in the direction of sharding and cross-chain. Aims to further improve technical service capabilities. This is also explained in our latest blue book.

Cyrus: What kind of industry vision will KorthoChain have in the future?

Eason: Our mission is to create a global data security underlying system, which is why we initially established the positioning of data rights. What we want to solve is the problem that users’ data cannot be protected, data privacy cannot be protected, and data dividends cannot be shared in the current Internet context.

We use the characteristics of the blockchain distributed database and use the token distribution model to coordinate the interests of data suppliers, data distributors, and data referees, so that the application of data is transparent on the chain, so that data can be generated for more people value. This goal is ambitious and meaningful, but the construction of a blockchain technology public chain ecology will make everything possible.

Cyrus: Now we move to the last segment of the AMA session public Q&A, Now let’s invite @easono to pick some good questions to answer.

@ShSaikel: Nowadays, crypto hacks and attacks have rose significantly. What steps or measures you have took to avoid it

Eason: First of all, avoid the problems that broke out in the industry. Procedural defamation of transactions for speech, including contractual transactions

@Moina1234M: Do you have a Token Burning plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?

Eason: KTO is only 88.48 million, and there is currently no plan to burn.

@hologan9: As a community driven project and me a developer am interested in contributing to the project, do you have such programs?

Eason: Of course, we have a developer community, you can go to the official website to contact us

@Ethdir: I want to invest to your project. Where i buy your token? Is it available on any exchange?

Eason: Of course, KTO will be listed in HOTBIT one hour later

@sind_di: How has the experience and background of your team been effective in the success of your project so far? Do you have plans to expand your Team?

Eason: Our own team is excellent developers, we plan to recruit more excellent developers from all over the world to join our core team for commercial office.

@sams3891: Do you have AUDIT certificates, or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable? Where can I buy your tokens now, what are your current contracts and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

Eason: Yes, we have. The mainnet will be upgraded in October and will be in HOTBIT for one hour later

@sakiblllll: What are the types of users on your project? How do you keep all users staying with your project for the long term?

Eason: Developer community, miners, entrepreneurial transactions, long-term value investment

Cyrus: Thank you. The above is all for today’s AMA. If you want to know more about Kortho Chain or have more questions about Kortho Chain, please check

Kortho Chain’s website and community links can be found here.

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