HOTBIT AMA 🎉:Huge potential market of the decentralized domain name system — Handshake

Q1: What is Handshake? What is HNS?

Q2:How is HNS different from Bitcoin?

Q3: Why is Handshake useful?

Q4: how is HNS different from DNS?

Q5:What makes Handshake domain names valuable?

Q6:how do i acquire a name on the HNS blockchain?

Q7: What makes the HNS coin valuable, and what factors might affect its price?

Q8: can i bid multilpe times on a name?

Q9:What factors will accelerate adoption of Handshake names?

Q10:what happens if there is only one bid on a name?

Q11:Specifically what kind of domains are likely to be valuable?

Q12:why does HNS need its own blockchain instead of using bitcoin or ethereum?

Q13:why is hsd written in nodejs instead of c++ like most other bitcoin-based chains?



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