Hotbit AMA🎉:Base Reward Token AMA in English Telegram

Cyrus: Let’s welcome Che Brandon, Founder of Base Reward Token @allosparacletus to introduce【Africa’s Bitcoin and Next Biggest Enterprise】to us in AMA. Thank you for being with us today. Let’s begin!

Could you introduce yourself to our community?

Che Brandon: My name is Che Brandon, I started my crypto journey back in 2015 when I first came across bitcoin and since have being an investor and entrepreneur. The concept of bitcoin itself was so fascinating and the underlying blockchain technology was quite impressive that after my studies in Business Management, I started and in depth study of Tokenomics and blockchain technology.

Cyrus: Tell us about Base Reward?

Che Brandon: Base Reward is an African startup and we aim at creating an effective and scaling digital one-stop-shop marketplace economy with a sustainable economics (Base Reward Ecosystem) powered by blockchain and cryptocurrency (Base Reward Token ).

Cyrus: Is there a difference between Base Reward and Base Reward Token?

Che Brandon: Yes there is a big difference. Base Reward is the name of our startup company and Base Reward Token is the cryptocurrency. The two are working in a synergy

Cyrus: what makes BRT so special to become Africa Bitcoin?

Che Brandon: BRT (Base Reward Token) is design to replicate same core characteristics of Bitcoin and even beyond. We took the core characteristics of bitcoin and made improvements in areas that we found bitcoin to have short comings and also added extra characteristics to our token to make it even more DEFLATIONARY in nature and Eco friendly. Core characteristics of Base Reward Token

Cyrus: BRT being super deflationary, can you give us more details?

Che Brandon: Yes. There is a total supply of 12million tokens ( ) and we have implemented 2 buy back and burn procedure to have token total supply keep reducing over the years.

Cyrus: How does staking on BRT work?

Che Brandon: BRT staking works using same principle of mining bitcoin using a mining pool. There is a total of 3650000 BRT tokens to minted and only 5000 tokens can be minted daily from the first year of contract deployment.

Cyrus: What is Base Reward Ecosystem?

Che Brandon: The Base Reward ecosystem in simple is just the collective services which are going to be launched by the company. All these different services make up the Base Reward Ecosystem. Example of services to be launched by Base Reward includes;

Cyrus: Tell us about project development/roadmap so far?

Che Brandon: According to our whitepaper here:



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