A Quick Look at Arbitrum Token Economics and Airdrop Rules

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Mar. 16th 2023, Arbitrum officially announced the launch of DAO governance and governance token ARB for the Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova networks, as well as details of the highly anticipated airdrop, which is now open for eligibility inquiries.

Arbitrum — Check your airdrop eligibility to govern Arbitrum

This article collects some of the contents of Arbitrum’s current airdrop and DAO for you.

How much can you claim?

$ARB airdrop eligibility and distribution specifications

$ARB is an ERC-20 governance token native to the Arbitrum One rollup chain. Token properties at launch:

Initial token allocation & airdrop distribution

User airdrop eligibility details

In terms of the most important concern for airdrop eligibility, Arbitrum has developed a point system with a maximum of 15 points. The point criteria primarily tracks user activity on Arbitrum One; a small portion of the criteria applies to activity on Arbitrum Nova, where Arbitrum Nova users can earn 4 points (plus an additional 1 point if they have already earned 4 or more points on Arbitrum One).

Qualifying actions:

Points earned on Arbitrum One

  1. Bridged funds into Arbitrum One
  2. Conducted transactions during two distinct months
  3. Conducted transactions during six distinct months
  4. Conducted transactions during nine months
  5. Conducted more than four transactions or interacted with more than four different smart contracts
  6. Conducted more than ten transactions or interacted with more than ten different smart contracts
  7. Conducted more than 25 transactions or interacted with more than 25 different smart contracts
  8. Conducted more than 100 transactions or interacted with more than 100 different smart contracts
  9. Conducted transactions exceeding in the aggregate $10,000 in value
  10. Conducted transactions exceeding in the aggregate $50,000 in value
  11. Conducted transactions exceeding in the aggregate $250,000 in value
  12. Deposited more than $10,000 of liquidity into Arbitrum
  13. Deposited more than $50,000 of liquidity into Arbitrum
  14. Deposited more than $250,000 of liquidity into Arbitrum

Points earned on Arbitrum Nova

  1. Bridged funds into Arbitrum Nova
  2. Conducted more than three transactions
  3. Conducted more than five transactions
  4. Conducted more than ten transactions

Converting points to tokens:

User protections:

To prevent bots from taking advantage of the airdrop, a number of anti-Sybil rules were established:

  • If an airdrop recipient’s wallet transactions have all occurred within a 48-hour period, one point is subtracted.
  • If an airdrop recipient’s wallet balance is less than .005 ETH, and if the wallet hasn’t interacted with more than one smart contract, one point is subtracted.
  • If an airdrop recipient’s wallet address has been identified as a Sybil address during the Hop protocol bounty program the recipient is disqualified.

DAO airdrop criteria and distribution

A separate distribution was allocated for DAOs that are building applications in the Arbitrum ecosystem, as well as the Protocol Guild, a collective of Ethereum contributors. The distribution of tokens to DAOs was weighted based on a variety of factors, including time projects have been on Arbitrum, TVL of assets on the chain, whether a project was Arbitrum native, and whether the project operated with actual on-chain treasuries.

More details will be added around individual DAO allocation shortly.

Vesting and lockup details

While the user and DAO airdrops will be available in one week, all investor and team tokens are subject to 4 year lockups, with the first unlocks happening in one year and then monthly unlocks for the remaining three years.

We must decentralize

The Arbitrum DAO is a massive leap forward, making Arbitrum the first EVM rollup tech to reach Stage 1 decentralization.


Starting today, anyone can easily launch a new Arbitrum chain as a Layer 3 in the Arbitrum ecosystem.


Who is involved?

Individuals across the ecosystem can participate in governance. Token holders control protocol upgrades, funds allocation, and election of a Security Council who can perform emergency upgrades. Your voting power is derived directly from the number of tokens delegated to you.




Token holders will be able to select a preferred delegate, including themselves, and can re-delegate at any time.



The Security Council can approve protocol upgrades when a fast response is needed.

The Security Council is composed of 12 highly reputable members of the community. Emergency upgrades require a 9-of-12 multisig. READ MORE


The DAO governs Arbitrum One and Nova
The arbitrum DAO includes token holders and their delegates. It has the power to upgrade the protocol and constitution, as well as elect the Security Council. Proposals for upgrades and amendments are submitted and voted on by the DAO.



This marks the beginning of decentralized governance for the Arbitrum protocol. Users across the ecosystem will be given voting power. 11.62% of tokens will be initially distributed to users and 1.13% will be distributed to DAOs in the Arbitrum ecosystem.

The State of Decentralization

  • Chain Ownership

Chain ownership of both Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova is under the control of the Arbitrum Governance system.

Comprising both the Arbitrum DAO and the Security Council, the governance system currently has the ability to alter itself. Arbitrum One has now reached Stage 1 decentralization.

  • Validator Ownership

Execution on Arbitrum is validated to Ethereum Mainnet by a set of validators.

This set of validators has been expanded to include organizations across the ecosystem. All validators would have to be malicious for an incorrect transaction to be accepted

  • Sequencer Ownership

The Sequencers for both Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova are currently maintained by the Arbitrum Foundation.

Governance currently has the power to select new Sequencers.

  • Data Availability Committee (DAC) Ownership

Arbitrum Nova has a 7-party DAC, whose members can be seen here.

The Arbitrum governance system currently has the power to change the DAC, by adding or removing members, or modifying the DAC’s role in the system.

The state of Arbitrum’s progressive decentralization | Arbitrum DAO — Governance docs

Community Values

Ethereum Aligned

Arbitrum should be fundamentally aligned with the Ethereum ecosystem and a constructive member of the Ethereum community.


Decisions about technology, fee economics, and resource allocation should optimize for the long-term health of the ecosystem.

Technically Inclusive

Ordinary people with ordinary computers should be able to fully participate in the Arbitrum protocol.

Socially Inclusive

The community should be open and welcoming to all people who wish to participate constructively.

Neutral and Open

Arbitrum governance should not pick winners or losers, but should foster open innovation, interoperation, user choice, and healthy competition on Arbitrum chains.

A gentle introduction to the Arbitrum DAO | Arbitrum DAO — Governance docs

Step Forward


View or submit delegate applicationsArbitrum — Arbitrum Governance Forum


See projects in the Arbitrum universeArbitrum One Portal — Your gateway into the Arbitrum ecosystem.


Discover the future we believe inA gentle introduction to the Arbitrum DAO | Arbitrum DAO — Governance docs

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